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Two generations
motivation for innovation

Two Generations: Natalie and Siegfried Kuehn

In corporation with 30 highly qualified employees this

team of two generations, Natalie Kühn and Siegfried

Kühn, stands for the product-related promise “made

in Germany” which means a combination of long

term experience and dynamic governance — 30 years

motivation for innovation.

This conviction is also committed to the younger

generations because we also feel our responsibility as

an educational institution — The development by and

with our employees within electronics, mechanics,

physics, chemistry, software and also international

management processes shows a challenging variety of

development potentials.

Together we can shape our future – this is fulfilled

within our products and what our team stands for.

Natalie Kühn and Siegfried Kühn

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Our company is valued by the requirements of the ISO 9001 certification. Furthermore our products are certified according to the regulations of the different applications and therefore are steadily monitored by our quality assurance management system.

The awarded certificates are available to download in our service section.
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  • TÜV Zertifikat
  • CERT Zertifikat
  • EX-Zertifikat