Thermo-FID MK and MK IP65

Thermo-FID MK and MK IP65

Completely mounted analyser in a fieldhousing for the rough applications in the field. With a measuring head attached directly without any filter or sample gas conditioning to a DIN gauge connection. Over a status signal or by the remotecontrol function it is possible to control and see the analyser function in real-time. The housing is available in protection class IP 54 or in protection class IP65. (Exhaust Emission control; Plant monitoring)

General Application

The Thermo-FID is applied in a variety of applications for all kind of industries, environmental protection and as well for research and development. The implementations reach from a LEL-control, over emission and immission control to analytical exhaust control for the chemical industry and in the field of engine-development. Furthermore there is process optimisation and the FID is also used in the field of analytical control of TLV- and TRC- values.

Technical Design

The electronic system of the FID allows several extra functions. The integrated CPU allows a menu-driven handling as well as a full automatic self-control and failure analysis of the system. On the alphanumeric display are shown several operation and service instructions in clear text which give an easy maintenance process. The process-controlled and dynamic amplifier analysis always within the optimum range. The amplified signals are digitised directly at the detector and get transmitted as digital data to the CPU for the analysis. Therefore there is no distortion of the little currents because of badly shielded or too long signal ways.