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The SK-Elektronik GmbH was founded in 1987 by the entrepreneur couple Birgit & Siegfried Kühn and complemented by Martin Korsch and Henning Schmitt.

1994 the company group has been extended by a PCB manufacturing location in the east of Germany, SK-Elektronik GmbH Erfurt/ Vieselbach, supported by Cornelia Zaubitzer, and additionally expanded to increase sales forces for the new product line of Flame Ionization detectors for the internal market by founding M&A Analytics, technically supported by Melchior Kahl.

This sales company was then merged back into the mother foundation of SK-Elektronik GmbH Leverkusen in 2012/2013, particularly to give the new product line of the UPAS product integration/ platform a fresh start, but still made by SK-Elektronik GmbH.

Since 2012 the complete company group is held and managed by Natalie Kühn, the second generation of the family company.